Leadership Academy

Leadership academy

The highest level of education, commonly available to rural students, is 9th grade.

To support students with higher academic goals, Sustainable Schools International founded the Leadership Academy. 

The Leadership Academy is a residential home where students from Aoral District continue their education in government higher schools, vocational training centers, and private universities.

To support their dreams of finding a good job, supporting their families, and developing their communities, we supplement this higher education with additional programming.

Graduates of this program return to their homes and begin to fulfill a community service commitment.

Students receive school fees and tuition, food, lodging, leadership training, career counseling, and community service mentorship as well as education in English, Khmer essay writing, and entrepreneurship.


We offer scholarships for girls, minorities, and gifted students to continue their education in high school, vocational training, or universities. After graduation, scholarship students give back to their communities through community service or help the development of small businesses. 

This helps make the communities around the schools more sustainable by building a local human resource base.

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