The Education Problem

91766.girlgreenshirt.6x9Sustainable Schools International directly responds to the reality that many existing and even new school buildings in rural Cambodia lack operational funds to pay teachers a living wage, retain economically disadvantaged students, and maintain and upgrade school facilities.

As a result we see 80% drop out of primary school, beginning in 3rd grade.

Too often school buildings stand empty because teachers are absent often.

They are not paid enough by the government and must look for other means of generating an income.

In addition, school buildings are not upkept, fall into disrepair, and are abandoned once outside donations stop.

USAID Mission to Cambodia July, 20082008_01_08-0668

  • Half a million Cambodian children of primary school-going age remain out of school, most of them poor and living in remote rural areas.
  • Only 60% of nine-year olds attended school regularly. Dropout rates ranged between 10% and 16%, with significantly higher rates in remote rural areas. Less than 50% of the age cohort reaches grade five
  • Grade repetition rates are also very high. Estimates suggest that it takes 19 pupil-years to produce each primary school graduate.

A Primary Education a save a child from exploitation as a sex worker, dump scavenger, or from marrying very young and producing many children with no income to feed them.